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I’m really down in the dumps today, you guys. I got up early to get my oil changed because I had a coupon for $35 off, and I sat in the garage for two hours before they told me that they couldn’t do it because the last place I went (THE GARAGE WHERE I WORK) fucked it up, so now not only did I not get my oil changed but I have to go into work on Monday and throw a fit at the new manager of the car care center, who I don’t know very well, and tell him that his employees/my coworkers are so incompetent that they fucked up my car on an oil change. TWICE. This also means that I can’t go out and see my friend tonight, like I’d planned, my BFF who I haven’t seen since we went to the Harry Potter premiere in - what was that, July? Plus my eyes have been burning for the past two days and no matter what I do they won’t stop. And I’m really cold. I’m so cold. And I just thought to go to the library but they’re closed already, and I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself all weekend, and I’m really cold and cranky and bummed out and I’m just really like, I don’t know what to do with myself except sit around and cry.

  1. linared said: Ugh I’m sorry about the sucky day.
  2. sleepandbooks said: *hug*
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